A multidisciplinary team with expertise in environmental analysis, identification and categorization of interest groups, assessment of sociopolitical risks, social responsibility programs, human rights, sectoral policies and methodologies for measuring impact and social return.

Augusto Trujillo Muñoz

President of the Bar Association of the National University of Colombia, vice president of the Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence, judge of the State Council, college professor and columnist of ‘El Espectador’ Newspaper.

Andrés Prieto

Industrial Engineer with MBA, specialist in Internal Control, risk management and Social Responsibility. Expert in management control and corporate management measurement models. University professor in undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education.

Alberto Gómez Heredia

General of the active reserve of the National Police, where he was national anti-kidnapping director, national anti-narcotics director, operational director and commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá.

Guillermo Pérez Flórez

Lawyer, social communicator and journalist. Human Rights and company expert;
Integral National Defense Course CIDENAL; Consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility, socio-political risk and security.
Media collaborator in Spain and Colombia, among them the Spanish magazine Política Exterior (Madrid), the magazine of the Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence and El Nuevo Día (Ibagué).

Juan Fernando Petersson Samper

Lawyer, external auditor of companies in the oil industry.
He structured, created and directed the Social Control Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá: Programs “Eye on Bogota and the Region”, “Eye on Mobility”, “Eye on public services”. Collaborator in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility of the newspaper La República. International columnist and speaker on mobility, social control and corporate social responsibility.​

Luis Eduardo Anzola Colmenares

Colonel of the active reserve of the National Police, police administrator, security specialist. Expert in addressing operational, administrative and logistics processes. Analyst of the Colombian internal armed conflict and the phenomenology of crime with experience in field work in citizen security and private security with emphasis on the energy mining sector, in conflict resolution and crisis intervention.

Diana Carvajal

Political scientist, internationalist and master in territorial development planning with experience in project management and consulting in territorial planning, socio-political affairs and promotion of social investment.

Laura Bonilla

International business administrator with experience in the financial sector.


Contribute to create social value, making knowledge and experience available to society as a whole, so that at the same time as wellbeing and quality of life is generated, we also have a socially sustainable environment.


To be recognized as an expert firm and leader in the design and implementation of strategies aimed at the creation of social value, which contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of people and the environment.